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The Motto: Lifestyle Of City Kids

We are three young and educated adults striving for success. Being from the “Big City” that “never sleeps” we just have to share our ideas and visions about this lifestyle. 

- Shaii is a free spirit and she is full with multifaceted optimism she also adds taste and flavor to whatever life brings her way. 

- Saraya brings the aspect of taking media related topics and using her journalism background to tie them together with fashion and music. 

- Leon (also known as the Urban Sophisticator) will always try to present you with a piece of life that is often overlooked and misunderstood, from the perspectives of fashion, culture, and commonly related experiences. 

We are not only interested entertaining, but we want to increase the depth of how you understand the Motto; it isn’t just a song and it isn’t just this site— its a lifestyle.

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Finally came to the conclusion that whether I have 2 followers or 200+ followers, I am always going to do what I love to do even if I have to put in all the work myself. There is nothing like believing in yourself.




When girls play double dutch !

WAIT! I’m too old to be this weak at this 😂 I didn’t even LOL but I’m tearing & internally weak.

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